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Arjuna gets a weapon (Kirata, Lord Shiva as a hunter)

Body black in color, two shoulders holding bows and arrows, hair falling on the forehead, posing comfortably, with two piercing eyes, blossomed nice face, with feathers and fragrant flowers in his head, wearing the skin of tiger, Terrific, I meditate that Hunter (kirAta), the thief (hara).

purANa of the deity kirAtar : the hunter

This is the only form of Lord Shiva in which He appeared black in color. arjuna wanted to get the peerless weapon pAsupatAstram from Lord Shiva for the battle of mahAbharata. He left the other four pANdavAs, went to the forest and did austere tapas for getting the boon of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva was satisfied with his prayer, wanted to give the pAsupatAstram to him, but wanted to play a bit too. He took the form of a Hunter with Shakthi as Huntress. That time a demon by name mUkAsura, who was in the form of wild pig came to kill arjuna. To kill the wild pig arjuna fired an arrow from the front, at the same time the Hunter, Who is none other than God Himself, attacked it from the back and killed the pig.

arjuna mocked at the Hunter for firing the arrow from the back. Having great pride of his valor, he was als angry at the Hunter because He aimed at his prey. The Hunter responded that attacking an animal from the back is not against rules of hunting. An argument broke out. They decided to fight deciding who was more valorous between them. The Hunter cut the string in arjuna's bow with His arrow in the fight! Angered and excited, arjuna started wrestling. He couldn't match the Lord, and the Lord enjoyed his fighting. At one point of time in wrestling arjuna held the foot of the Hunter. As the Lord is pleased when somebody catches His holy feet, He stopped wrestling appeared with pArvati revealing Who He is. Shocked arjuna pleaded for forgiveness, as he was trying to fight with the Supreme out of his ignorance. However the God, Who is pleased by devotion, blessed him and gave him the invincible pAsupatAstra. (In some books it is told that arjuna couldn't fight with the Hunter, he started worshipping the Shiva Lingam. To his astonishment he found the flowers he offered to the Lingam on the head of the Hunter. Then he prostrated before the Hunter and the Lord revealed Himself). This can be found in detail in kirAtArjuniyam of bhAravi and mahA bhArata.



Smeared in red (blood), a full-moon face, with the deer, and the bow to the left (in His hand), in the right hand an arrow and axe, wearing ga.nga and crescent moon, always worshipped by vishNu and brahma, burnt the three cities by His smile, to that God of three worlds, the enemy of pura (purAri), pray.

purANa of the deity : tri pura a.ntakar : destroyer of three cities (vIra mUrti)

The tripurA signify the three components(impurities) of bondage (pAsam) namely aham (ego), karma(deeds and their effects), mAya (illusion). When God shows His grace all these impurities are burnt, bliss remains and Lord Shiva dances there. (padhi aNukiR pachu pAcha n^illAvE - thirumUlar)
Three demons kamalAkshan, tArukAkshan, vidhunmAli got a boon from the Lord that they can not be destroyed unless all three of them come together, and attacked by a single arrow. Then they created forts in different areas and ruled the world. dEvAs who were disturbed by them complained it to the Lord. But Lord Shiva said as long as the three demons pray Him He won't destroy them. So mahA vishNu took the form of a sage, and taught the three demons mAyAvAtham, resulting them to stop praying the Lord, praising themselves and torturing dEvAs. Since all the good qualities of them were lost the Lord came for the destruction of the purAs. The three demons came together to fight against the Lord forgetting their boon.

The earth became the chariot for the Lord, brahma the charioteer, vishNu the arrow, sun and moon the wheels, the mountain mEru as the bow and the serpent vAsuki as the string in the bow. Thus all the gods were present in some form in that chariot. But the fire and god of death were in the wheel instead of the arrow. vinAyaka broke the wheel to put them in the arrow. Finally when everything was ready dEvAs were proud that only with their help God is going to destroy the tripuras. But Lord Shiva didn't use any of them. He smiled and in that smile the three purAs were burnt down.(The rudhrAksha appeared from the three eyes of Lord Shiva during tripurasaMhAra) The thought of dEvAs that without their help the Lord wont be able to destroy the tripuras proved foolish.

The purpose of destruction by Lord is only for purification. Lord gave life to the three demons. Though they went wrong they initially were devotees. They repented for their mistake. The Lord forgave them and gave one of them the great work of fanning Him with chAmaram, and the rest two as His security in His abode. (mUvAr puraN^kaL eriththa anRu mUvarkku aruL cheydhAn - thiru nyAna chamban^dhar)

Has anyone really seen or experienced God Shiva?

Has anyone really seen or experienced Lord Shiva?
Raghul Shyam, Human, Social Animal
Answered Jul 9, 2015
It was a sunny day. Two men in their mid 60's who desperately wanted to worship the zenith of the hill where Karthigai Deepam is lighted, started climbing the hill in Tiruvannamalai at around 7 AM. They were accompanied by many foreigners who were equally eager. They set forth their journey by praying to Lord Arunachala and reached the top at around 12 Noon. They met a sidhapurush who was blessing the Shiva bakthas who reached the top. After getting his blessings, they worshipped the place where the Deepam is lighted.

It was 2 in the afternoon, when they decided to descend. Given their age, descending the hill was a challenge. The sun was harsh, the path was uneven. At one stage, when the sun was about to set they became tired and they badly needed water to proceed. They were all alone in the place and they couldn't cry for help.

They started chanting "Arunachala Siva, Arunachala Siva". After sometime they spotted a man in his mid 30's, who looked like a local villager. They approached him and explained their state. The man comforted them and ask them to wait till he went down and brought some water. He returned after sometime with water bottles. They thanked him and asked for his name. He replied...."Shiva". The old men couldn't believe what they heard. Before they could come back to the world, Shiva disappeared.

I can proudly say, one of those old men was my grandfather. This might be a supernatural happening or mere coincidence.

According to my grandfather, he was Shiva. That day he experienced the grace of "LORD SHIVA".

Arunachala Siva !!!

Grace of the God Siva

Grace of the God Siva 


When Pandyan king in Madurai ruled a flood in Vaigai rose,
A threat discharged on kingdom's wealth and royal glory's pride.
The kind, aghast at ceaseless rush of swelling waters' roar,
Summoned his court and dwelt on means of meeting danger's roots.
The palace ordered every house to send a man for work
To bunds erect and walls upraise to stem the force of tides.
The rule of law enforced the hardest punishment on those
Who desisted or failed to comply with the demand made,
The rich and poor, strong and weak, and every citizen,
Deputed men to render service as the edict went.
The whole of town and village folk did rise to hurry forth
In labour deemed so emergent to save the city's life.
Lo, everyone, not one is left, from imposed force of law's.
So stringent was the order come from despot ruler's will.
An old and weak and poor dame of city's corner's hut,
Was also served the notice come, as no one was exempt.
The bending back with feeble eyes moved out in open streets
In search of someone who could work, as second she had none.
When lowest level of support to breaking point does move,
The last of strings that ties to earth the soul does break and snap.
Since all was gone, same body's breath, with legal wrath as only friend,
The aged lady unwittingly summoned 'all' to her rescue.
A little boy from off the road eagerly rushed and spoke to her
To service lend on payment made, a joy and grief to her distressed.
It's joy because someone had come, and grief because she had no wealth
To pay the servant for the workwhich he demanded as his due.
"I have some cakes of pounded rice, please have it as wages I pay,
No other thing I can afford; if you are willing go and work".
So saddened lady made her point to which he gladly did agree,
And having eaten some of cakes he went to labour for the bund.
When all were hard at rugged labour on the banks to raise the walls,
The little lad just threw some mud and idly strolled in careless ease.
While this was bad he made it worse by complaining of hunger-thirst,
And frequently making his way to lady's hut for eating cakes.
The king did notice lethargy and idle play of servant sent,
And on enquiry came to know an old woman had sent this boy.
Casting his glance on work pretentions, irked at wilful negligence,
The king his whip of lashes raised and dealt a blow on back of boy.
Then what happened, who can describe, the atoms split their very core,
And every cell of all creation shook with shock of thrash of whip.
The king who struck was first belaboured with the strike of rod
And felt the pain of blow he dealt on working peasant boy.
The workers all in thousands stretched busy in building bunds,
Did each one feel the hit on back as if a stone did roll.
The hills in tremor showered blasts of earth element from their pores,
And seas rose up in heaving waves as if the mountains in them sank.
Vibrations struck the sun and moon and stars in the sky spat tongues of flame,
Brahma and Vishnu in Their seats and Indra felt the sudden quake.
The boy in play took up a handful of the earth from ground,
And threw it on the gaps of bund which closely fixed the walls.
This in an instant raised the barracks turning tides away,
To marvelled looks of all the folks who drudged for days and days.
Lo, wonder this, who is this rustic lad who played these pranks
And struck with wonder everyone who dazed beheld what this could be.
Suddenly in place of that one little boyish frame
Arose the magnificent frame of Siva, Almighty
Who lighted up the firmament as thousand suns would rise,
And blessed the kind and all the people with his divine grace.

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Lord Shiva & the Poor Old Lady

Lord Shiva & the Poor Old Lady
This is The story on God Shiva from
'Thiruvzhiyadal Purana' (halasya mahatmyam)(Divine Play) in
which the Lord enacted a divine play to help his devotee Chemmana-
Chelvi, the Granny .Once long ago, a king called Arimarthana Pandiya
ruled over the Pandiya Kingdom in South India. He was a wise and
good king and an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. He ruled his kingdom
 ably with the assistance and advice of his good prime minister,
                        God Shiva, with his consort Meenakshi was the presiding
deity of the city of Madurai, the capital of the Pandiya Kingdom.
He was known as Lord Soma-sundareswara in Madurai and he
wished to enact one of his divine plays in the Pandiya Kindom.
As a result of his divine paly, the Vaigai river which adorned and
cradled the cityof Madurai, transformed into a big flood.
 The flash floods which came swirling and snarling at an unbelievable
pace, overran the river banks and entered the city. As if to assist the
 flood, there was a continuous and heavy downpour.The whole city
was submerged in the raily darknesss.The houses andproperties of
the people, trees and everything else were caught in the vice like grip
of the flood and people lost their bearings. The domesticated animals
like goats and cows were carried away by the flood.The domesticated animals like goats and cows were carried away
by the flood.Because of the onslaught of the flood the people
suffered greatly, with no shelter and no roof over their heads.
Stricken with grief, where would the people go to complain their
sorrows? Is not the king the guardian of the people? Hence, the
people of Madurai ran to their king's palace.
Standing at the palace entrance, they wailed, "Oh KIng, we are in
danger... Please do save us..."
King Arimarthana Pandiya heard the cries of his people and came
running to the palace entrance.
 "Oh, King,.. The Vaigai river is overflowing. It is washing away all
our houses and belongings. The rain too has joined hands with
the flood to make our lives more miserable. You alone can save us,
 Oh King", cried the people is unison.
"Do not worry. I will make necessary arrangements to reconstruct
the banks of the river, wherever the flood has found its way
through." the king reassured his people and asked them to return
in peace.
Then he callled his ministers, lieutenants and other court officers together and held discussions with them."The banks of the Vaigai are very long.
 Unless we heighten the banks immediately, There will be great damage. It is not possible to do this with the assistance of only a few pairs of hands.
 All the people of the city should come forward to help complete the building of the banks." It was thus decided by the king at the end of the discussion.
 The number of families living in the city of Madurai were taken into account and each family was allotted a division of the long river bank.
 The king also had it that each family should raise the portion of the bank allotted to it by pilling and packing soil on the river bank.
 The heralders went round the streets of the city announcing this information. Thus, each family was apportioned a part of the river bank.
 And the king ordered that each family should raise its part of the bank before the end of the day, failing which they would be liable for punishment.
 Accordingly, the people of Madurai gathered on the banks of the Vaigai. They brought with them spades, baskets, iron rods, ropes and such accessories. Those who were weak and infirm, had brought with them hired hands to help finish their portions of the bank.
They all started working at a fast pace. They dug up the earth from elevated  areas in the vicinity, filled their baskets with it and carried it to the river bank and deposited it there, to raise the banks.
While efforts were on vigorously to raise the banks of the river, one small part of the bank alone remained untouched. The task of raising it was allotted to an old woman who lived all alone with no one to care for her.
 The old woman was known as Chemmanachelvi. She lived in a hut in the southeast part of Madurai. She had no kith and kin.
The infirm and humped old lady was a devotee of Lord Shiva. Not wishing to beg for alms and living off it, She earned her living making 'pittu' and selling it in the streets of Madurai.
('Pittu' is a delicacy made of steamed rice flour with jaggery and grated coconut added to it.)
 She had a lot of devotion and love for Lord Shiva. She always offered the first helping of the pittu that she cooked every morning, to Lord Shiva and only then would she start selling it.
When she was alloted a division of the bank to be built, she was at a loss to know what to do. And therefore, weeping, she ran to the temple of Lord Shiva. Raising her hands up in entreaty, she prayed to the Lord.
"Lord,... Is this also one of your ways of testing me? I, an old woman, do not have any relative so to speak. I do not have the physical strength to build the bank myself.
 Nor do I have the resources to hire someone to do it,..and if I do not raise my part of the bank in time, the flood might gush through it, bringing down the whole stretch of the bank,... and the king would punish me....
 ...O' Lord, I have always treated you as my son and offered 'Pittu'. You must save me from this diffcult situation, in this my hour of need."
 She cried out her heart to Lord Shiva.
Lord Shiva, who had been accepting with pleasure the pittu that she offered lovingly every morning, smiled knowingly.
 The time had come for him to participate in the divine play. He decided to do this by helping the old lady who had showered love on him treating him as her near and dear one.
The Lord who showers his immense benevolence on the people of the earth, expecting no wages in return, took the form of a wages earner to help the woman who had no one to assist her.
The Lord whose complexion is fair, whose face radiates such brightness and whose beauty is such that it attracts the attention of all, wrapped an old cloth around his waist. With a need basket balanced on his head, the approached the old lady smilingly. A spade was slung over his shoulder.On nearing Chemmanachelvi, the old lady, he cried out loudly, "Does any one want a hired hand?.. Does any one want a hired hand?
The old lady who was full of worry and downcast, brightened at the sound these words.
 Humped down by age  and infirmity, she looked up at the serene face that beamed at her."young man,.... ?
 Will you work for wages?....." she asked.
"That is what I do for a living," said the young man.
 "Young man,... I have been entrusted a part of the Vaigai bank to be repaired. But, I do not have the strength to do it,... nor do I have the money. Will you repair my portion of the bank for my sake?..." she asked appealingly.
The young man laughed, "Yes, grandma. I'II do it. But, what will you give me as wages? "he enquired her.
 "Young man,... I do not have the money to give you wages, but I shall
 make steaming hot pittu to satisfy your hunger and that will be your wages?" she replied.
"All right, grandma... I shall accept your pittu as my wages. I am very hungry right now. If you give me some steaming hot pittu now, I shall eat it and set to repair your part of the bank," said the Lord.
 Chemmanachelvi was delighted. She ran to fetch the necessary things. Sitting under a tree on the banks of the river, she lighted the fire and speedily baked delicious pittu and served the divine young man affectionatively.
Sitting in the shade of a Mahila tree, the young man ate the 'Pittu'. When he had his fill, he said, "Okay mother. My hunger is satisfied. Now, I shall repair your allotted part of the river bank within seconds and then come back to you to get more 'Pittu' as the rest of the wages".
Saying this, he walked speedily towards the bank of the river Vaigai. Work was in full swing on the banks of the Vaigai.
The young man went to the overseer who was supervising the bank construction work and registered his name saying that he had come to do the work on behalf of Chemmanachelvi.
The young man then tightened his waist cloth and started work. But,.... the manner in which he conducted his work was strange and playful. He would dig up the soil and fill his basket with it.
 Then he would try lifting the basket. Then, saying that it was too heavy, he would drop the soil, fill the basket again with lesser soil and take it to the river bank where he would deposit it. Then he would go to sleep in the shade of the trees like one who had worked very hard. After dozing for some time, he would get up and eat some of the pittu he had brought with him. Then he would work for sometime. In this manner, he worked, dallying, taking his own time.
In the evening, the overseer came round, supervising the construction work. he noticed that only Chemmanachelvi's portion had not been repaired. He realized that because of it, there was the great danger of the whole bank giving way under the impact of the flood and this made him furious.

"Where is the hired hand who is supposed to mend this part ?" he asked angrily.
 The soldiers pointed out to him the celestial young man who was sleeping in the shade of a tree, a little distance away.
"Drag him here ", ordered the overseer and the soldiers woke the Lord up from his sleep and brought him to the overseer.
"Hey, you are the hired hand appointed to close Chemmanachelvi's portion. Am I right ? " the overseer asked.
The Lord nodded with a beatific smile on his face.
"Then why have you been wasting your time, loitering and sleeping instead of finishing the work given to you " he demanded.
The divine young man did not reply, but stood majestically and smiling serenely, as if to say it was all his own divine play.
 Seeing his guileless, innocent, divinely beautiful face and his erect posture, the overseer was afraid to punish him and reported the matter to the king.When he heard the news, king Arimarthana Pandiya came rushing towards the spot. He too hesitated for a fraction of a second on seeing  the heavenly beauty of the young man.But, then, realizing how the whole repair work had suffered because of his playfulness and reminded of the hardships encountered by his people, he became angry.
At the same time, learning about what had happened and worried about the outcome, Chemmanachelvi came rushing to the spot and stood transfixed.
"Hey, you hired worker, what do you think of yourself ? Because of your carelessness, the whole bank is now in the state of giving way. What do you have to say for yourself ? " asked the king.
But, the divine worker just looked up at the king with a smile, uttering not a single word.
"What?.. .. Won't you talk ? Have you forgotten that I am the King of this land ? " asked Arimarthana Pandiya angrily and instructed his servant to carry out the punishment.
The servant who stood erect like a mountain beside the king bowed before the king, raised the whip in his hand and lashed the fair back of the divine young man.
At the same instant ...............
The lash fell ................
...............  on the king,
................  on all the people who were assembled there,
................. on all the living beings of the world,
................. on the Devas of the heavens and
................. on the Asuras of the nether world.
Unable to bear the impact of the lash, everyone shrieked in pain.
At the same moment,..............
 The rain which had been lashing the city for many days stopped and the flood subsided in an instant.
 A heavenly chariot came down from the skies and landed near the old lady who had been watching everything that had happened there, with tears in her eyes. Overwhelmed with devotion, Chemmanachelvi boarded the chariot and it lifted into the skies and disappeared from sight.
Arimarthana Pandiya and the people who had been watching all these in a daze, realized that it had been the Lord himself who was amongst them. They realized their folly and weeped for forgiveness.
"Lord, please forgive us " they lamented.
At that instant, Lord Shiva appeared in the skies in the midst of radiant clouds with his consort Umadevi.
 "Arimarthana Pandiya,.... I wished the whole world to know about Chemmanachelvi's devotion and hence this divine play of mine " said the Lord in a thundering voice and blessing them all, vanished.
The king and his people, overwhelmed on hearing the divine voice of God, praised his benevolence.
" The Lord never lets down those who have faith in him and are willing to stand and wait. "

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शिव जी के इस मंदिर में करें पूजा, 4 घंटे में हो जाएंगे अमीर

शिव जी के इस मंदिर में करें पूजा, 4 घंटे में हो जाएंगे अमीर
New Delhi: अगर आप गरीब हैं तो उत्तराखंड के इस गांव में आइए। यहां शिव की ऐसी महिमा है कि जो भी आता है उसकी गरीबी दूर हो जाती है।

यहीं नहीं इस गांव को श्रापमुक्त जगह का दर्जा प्राप्त है। हिंदू धर्म में ऐसी मान्यता है कि व्यक्ति के जीवन में जो भी कष्ट हैं वह उसके द्वारा किए पापों के चलते होता है। यहां आने पर व्यक्ति सभी पापों से मुक्त हो जाता है।

यह जगह है उत्तराखंड के चमोली जिले में स्थित देश का सबसे अंतिम गांव माणा। यहीं पर माना पास है जिससे होकर भारत और तिब्बत के बीच वर्षों से व्यापार होता रहा था। वित्र बदरीनाथ धाम से 3 किमी आगे भारत और तिब्बत की सीमा स्थित इस यह गांव का नाम भगवान शिव के भक्त मणिभद्र देव के नाम पर पड़ा था।
उत्तराखंड संस्कृत अकादमी, हरिद्वार के उपाध्यक्ष पंडित नंद किशोर पुरोहित बताते हैं कि इस गांव में आने पर व्यक्ति स्वप्नद्रष्टा हो जाता है। जिसके बाद वह होने वाली घटनाओं के बारे में जान सकता है। डॉ. नंद किशोर के मुताबिक माणिक शाह नाम एक व्यापारी था जो शिव का बहुत बड़ा भक्त था। एक बार व्यापारिक यात्रा के दौरान लुटेरों ने उसका सिर काटकर कत्ल कर दिया।

GOD SHIVA MIRACLE-Paramyogeshwar Sri Devapuriji-The First Miracle

 Paramyogeshwar Sri Devapuriji
  • The First Miracle

At a military post of the British Government at Mount Abu there was a duty officer who had always been quite hostile to the Hindus. It was here that Sri Devpuriji first appeared in public.
One evening when the British officer was strolling by Lake Nakki, he happened to pass the temple of Sri Duleshwar Shiva at the time of prayer when the sound of songs, drums, bells and cymbals resonated from the temple. As this officer detested the exotic sounds of Indian worship, he angrily entered the temple and interrupted the prayer.
"Why do you make such unbearable noise?" he barked at the priests. "Your God must be either deaf or asleep if you need to make so much noise to wake him. You disturb the peace of the entire area, therefore I order that this spectacle come to an end at once! If your God really wants to hear such music, he should seek my permission. Whoever violates this order to play any instrument without my personal approval, shall be arrested!"
With a view to make them realize that he meant what he said, he immediately took into custody a few of the brahmin
The priests and sadhus were rightly afraid that this was the end of their freedom to practise their own religion, but knew it was not wise to defy the British officer. In despair they began to fast - praying night and day to Lord Shiva, so that he might appear to make the officer rescind his order and release the brahmins.
The British officer came to know of the activities and prayers of the Hindus and decided to poison the sadhus. For this purpose he obtained bottles of nitric acid and had them brought to his house.
During those days Sri Devpuriji was living a life of seclusion in dense forests of the Mount Abu range. Only rarely did someone glimpse him tending his cows. Otherwise he remained virtually unnoticed. His transcendent and all-embracing awareness heard the distressed calls of the sadhus and priests, so in order to help his devotees, he decided to reveal the presence of Lord Shiva himself to the tyrannical British officer.
Proceeding to this man’s house, loudly and clearly he shouted, "Englishman, come out! Here is a sadhu who has come to drink the poison you have prepared for the Hindu priests and brahmins."
The officer heard Sri Devpuriji and was alarmed at this unusual request, for how could anyone know that he had such poison? Assuming that the fearless swami was leader of the rebellious priests, he commanded a servant to bring a bottle of the acid.
Sri Devpuriji drank the poison, emptying the bottle in one draught, but it had no effect.
"As you can see, I am still alive!" he said to the officer. "Do you have more such bottles? If so, then bring them here!"
Six more bottles were brought and Sri Devpuriji drank them all, one after the other. The officer and all present stood in speechless in amazement, unable to believe their eyes. Finally, Sri Devpuriji shattered all seven bottles and swallowed the glass. He then lay on the ground and withdrew his breath to the brahma randhra, whereupon his pulse became imperceptible. The relieved officer concluded that the poison had finally taken effect and the impertinent swami was now dead.
He called servants to carry away the lifeless body, but just at that moment Sri Devpuriji sat up and smiled.
"What do you think? I am still very much alive and was only taking a little rest!"
Then he appeared in his true Divine form and grabbing the frightened officer, carried him bodily to the banks of Lake Nakki. Sri Devpuriji walked out over the water of the lake as if it were dry land and on reaching the deepest point, he stopped and spoke to the wretched officer.
"As I have heard, you too have some requests to make of Lord Shiva. Now you have the opportunity to express them personally, as he truly stands before you!"
Trembling with fear, the officer began to pray, "Sri Devapurisa Mahadeva, rescue me!"
He recited this mantra five times and Sri Devpuriji graciously nodded to him.
"You have found the right words. This mantra will most certainly save you from the world that you know, from this ocean of suffering and pain."
Encouraged by these compassionate words of Sri Devpuriji, the officer continued to repeat the mantra and was permitted to touch the lotus hands of the Divine Master. Instantly he was purified. There was a great change in him and his mind was filled with Divine richness.
With folded hands he begged for Sri Devpuriji's blessing.
"Lord, grant us your mercy. We of the Western world possess education, science and art. We have money and food in abundance yet we lack true yoga - wisdom, knowledge of God and inner peace. Therefore I request that you bless us with your presence and grant us your wisdom and mercy."
Sri Devpuriji always satisfies the pure wish of his devotees and so he replied, "Your desire will be fulfilled."
He prophesied that God Himself would appear on this earth in the form of Bhagwan Sri Deep Narayan Mahaprabhuji.
"A great and luminous soul from satya loka will be sent to spread the message of peace and the Divine teachings of Vishwa Deep throughout the whole world. I myself, in the form of blessing and light, will always accompany him. The radiance of Vishwa Deep, the universal Divine Light, fills the entire cosmos. This messenger to come is part of him and all who are devoted to him shall be liberated from ignorance and delusion and will attain enlightenment and inner peace."
After Sri Devpuriji had bestowed his blessing and made this prophecy to the officer, he delivered him safely to the shore. Immediately the officer ordered the release of the brahmins and priests, begged their forgiveness for his errant ways and showered them with gifts. In the meantime, thousands of faithful devotees had gathered around the shores of Lake Nakki. Overjoyed at the sight of him, they all praised Shiva, God S of Kailash. Everyone tried to get closer to YogirajSri Devpuriji, but he vanished as suddenly as he had appeared.
The news of this miracle quickly spread and the people felt assured that benevolent God Shiva had heard their prayers and was sending them a Divine protector, just as was prophesied. Materially poor Indian people may be, but they are rich in spirituality, their faith in God is strong. Regardless of poverty, in their faith they are certain that God watches over everything and that in His inexhaustible mercy, He sends them His help.
This story was told to me by the old sadhus and brahmins of Mount Abu, as well as by Mahaprabhuji himself.
brahmin = One of the four castes in India. Brahmins are those contemplativc persons who have full knowledge of the Vedas and Vedic philosophy and who are spiritually inspired.
sadhu = a hermit devoted to asceticism and spiritual discipline
brahma randhra = sahasrar, seventh chakra
Yogiraj = "King of the Yogis", an epithet for God Shiva