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The celestial serpent Vasuki is the second child among the Nagas born to Kadru and Kashypa PrajaPati. He beautifies the neck of Lord Shiva by coiling around it. Mahadev uses serpents as his adornments. The hoops of Lord Shiva are nagas named Penaman and Kundalan. The armlets of the lord are decorated by serpents Ashwara and Takshaka. Wearing Nagas as the ornaments implies that Mahadev’s devotees would not die of snake bite and they don’t have to undergo the prolonged stays in hospitals with diseases. The two coiled serpent seen on scepter of the caduceus the medical symbol indicates the two nerves “Ida “and “Pingala”. That serpent is Vasuki. The blood of asura named Prithamali is the poison of him, known also by the name “KalaKoodam”. This name can be interprets as the “Things that burns Kala ( god of death /time )”. The five great venoms are Kalakooda, Sringi, Mustakam, Vatsanabham and SangaKarni, out of which KalaKoodam is the most poisonous. The venom Kalakoodam in Sanskrit knows as HalaHal. During the Churning of ocean of milk using vasuki as the rope, the great serpent vomited the vicious poison Halahala, to save the world from imminent devastation gods prayed to MahaDeva. Lord Shiva drank poison to protect the world. The Madura temple known as the halasa temple is dedicated to this form of Mahadeva who consumed poison to rescue the world. This lord whose greatness is praised through 64 plays in a scared book known by the name Halasya Mahatmayam. Once there was a competition between Vasuki and the lord of wind regarding who is the strongest out of two. The challenge was, in order to prove his strength Wind god should crack off a peak of Mount Meru. Vasuki coiled around the peak as a rope and forced it strongly against the earth .The competition was a very tough one. Wind blow as hard and fierce it could but mountain was immobile. This lasted for a prolonged time and none was victorious but none of them want to withdraw from the competition. Then wind subdued as if it left it for a while to take rest. Vasuki tilted his head a bit to check if the Wind god actually left the place. At this moment wind raged powerfully and peak of Meru was chopped off. According to legend the cut off piece of Mount Meru that fell on the ocean later became Sree Lanka. The serpent spirit in the Lord Shiva temple is Vasuki. Hence while doing the ayiliyam pooja and sarpabali it should be conducted by reciting Vasuki mantra not by the Anantha mantra. Vasuki Dhyana “Om Phanshta sathasekharam drutha suvarna punja prabham Varaabharana bhooshanam tharuna jaalathamrasukam Svjravara lakshanam navasarojarakthaikshanam Namami shirasa surasuranamaskratham vasukeem” Meaning – Bow to whom having 108 hoods , having golden effulgence , who wore excellent ornaments , who is radiant , wore sparkling bronze colored silk material, symbolizes an exquisite diamond , who is bowed by the Deva &Asura alike .

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Invoking Lord Shiva or Shiva Sloka:

Lingashtakam English Lyrics (Text)

Meaning: I bow before that Sada Shiva Linga, which is the destroyer of desires, which the
Devas and the sages worship, which is infinitely compassionate and which subdued the pride
of Ravana

sarva sugandha sulepita liṅgaṃ
buddhi vivardhana kāraṇa liṅgam |
siddha surāsura vandita liṅgaṃ
tat-praṇamāmi sadāśiva liṅgam || 3 ||
Meaning: I bow before that Sada Shiva Linga, which is lavishly smeared with variegated perfumes and scents, which elevates the power of thought and enkindles the light of discrimination, and before which the Siddhas and Suras and Asuras prostrate.
kanaka mahāmaṇi bhūṣita liṅgaṃ
phaṇipati veṣṭita śobhita liṅgam |
dakṣa suyaṅña nināśana liṅgaṃ
tat-praṇamāmi sadāśiva liṅgam || 4 ||
Meaning: I bow before that Sada Shiva Linga, the destroyer of Daksha’s sacrifice, which is decorated with various ornaments, studded with different gems and rubies and which glows with the garland of the serpent Lord coiled around it
kuṅkuma candana lepita liṅgaṃ
paṅkaja hāra suśobhita liṅgam |
sañcita pāpa vināśana liṅgaṃ
tat-praṇamāmi sadāśiva liṅgam || 5 ||
Meaning: I bow before that Sada Shiva Linga, which is smeared with saffron and sandal paste, which is decorated with lotus garlands and which wipes out all accumulated sins.
devagaṇārcita sevita liṅgaṃ
bhāvai-rbhaktibhireva ca liṅgam |
dinakara koṭi prabhākara liṅgaṃ
tat-praṇamāmi sadāśiva liṅgam || 6 ||
Tat Pranamaami Sadaa Shiva Lingam
Meaning: I bow before that Sada Shiva Linga which is worshipped by the multitude of Gods with genuine thoughts full of faith and devotion and whose splendor is like that of a million suns.
aṣṭadaḷopariveṣṭita liṅgaṃ
sarvasamudbhava kāraṇa liṅgam |
aṣṭadaridra vināśana liṅgaṃ
tat-praṇamāmi sadāśiva liṅgam || 7 ||
Meaning: I bow before that Sada Shiva Linga, destroyer of all poverty and misery in its eight aspects, which is the cause of all creation and which stands on the eight petal Lotus.
suraguru suravara pūjita liṅgaṃ
suravana puṣpa sadārcita liṅgam |
parātparaṃ paramātmaka liṅgaṃ
tat-praṇamāmi sadāśiva liṅgam || 8 ||
Meaning: I bow before that Sada Shiva Linga which is the Transcendent Being and the Supreme Self, worshipped by all Suras and their preceptor (Brihaspati), with innumerable flowers from the celestial gardens. liṅgāṣṭakamidaṃ puṇyaṃ yaḥ paṭheśśiva sannidhau |śivalokamavāpnoti śivena saha modate ||



                                                            There is a popular legend among many about Goddess BhadraKali, that after slaying the demon Daruka Devi becoming drunk on the blood of her victims and started destructive dance. As it would lead in to the destruction of the entire Universe , all beings prayed to Mahadev for help. To pacify Devis fury and save the world from an imminent danger Lord Shiva lies down in the way of BhadraKali s path . Fail to see MahaDev lying among the corpses the Devi stepped up on Lord Shivas chest . Immediately realizing Mahadev lies beneath her feet, her anger subdued . This has depicted in many pictures also . But the truth is that no such story can be found not only in the BhadraKali s legend but also not in Markandeya Purana. There is not even a narration in the Markandeya Purana which says that Lord Shiva welcomed his daughter by getting up from his seat then how could it possible that he lay on her path. BhadraKali is worshipped as the KulaDevatha(Goddess of the clan ) , as ParaDevatha (Goddessof the family) and as a temple deity by many others. So the story of Kali stepping up on the chest of lord Shiva must be some whimsical tale created by many who do not like Devis worship.There are various versions of story how goddessanger is pacified. The real version is like this. Devi ,who started from Kailas on top of the Vetala (ghost ) along with the Bhoota Ganas for theslaying of Demon Daruka, after winning the battle was returning towards the Kailas in highest fury . Understanding this fact through the divine vision Lord Shiva thought of pacifying the wrath of BhadraKali by invoking the motherly love in
her. To attain this he asked Lord Ganesh and NandiKesha to take the form of new born babies by Ashtavidhya and lie on the way of Kali.
                                                              This can be known from the verse 55 of Markandeya Purana , Bhadrothpathy. It says like this Lord Shiva told  Nandi and Ganesh , u both take the forms of new born babies and lie down on the outside of the Gopura( Entrance to the temple). By seeing you both in the form of babies Bhadra will forget her fury.Thereafter to the Devas assembled there LordShiva uttered in this way My dearest Devas and reverent Sages do go to the inner side of the Gopura and start chanting Devi praising hymns.
                                                                      Thus Lord Shiva employed Ganesh, Nandi, Bhootha Ganas, Deva and Sages to stand at the four entrances of the Mount Kailas as they were unaware through which way Devi will enter.
After slaying of the Demon Daruka Bhardra Kali reached the northern side of the Kailas with enormous Fury. Up on reaching the entrance she saw two lovely babies playing at the entrance of the Gopura. The innocence of the babies smile and play made Devi to forget her anger. She picked up those babies in her four arms and started fondling them. This is the same way in which now the -Thooka Vrathakaar-of the Kerala Bhadra Kali temple now carrying the babies during the rituals. This is how the anger of the Devi has been pacified .

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The origin of Maha Shiva Rathri

The origin of Maha Shiva Rathri There is an interesting account found in Purana’s portraying the origin of Maha Shiva rathri. In the time immemorial a lotus bloomed out of Lord Mahavishnu’s navel. The creator god Lord Brahma originated in the lotus. By finding himself in the midst of an ocean all alone , Brahma was even more confused about his origin. To find out the mystery of his existence he set out for an expedition through the sea of life. After a long pursuit he found Lord Mahavishnu lying in the ocean of life having his eternal slumber. Lord Brahma asked the whereabouts of the Lord , he answered that he is the creator of Brahma and known as Lord Vishnu. This answer was not acceptable to Lord Brahma. A severe battle broke out between the two which eventually end up in a war, both of them fought tooth and nail to establish the supremacy of one another. Lord Brhama sends his weapon “ Brahmastra “ against Lord Vishnu. To defend this “ Pasupathastra “fired by Lord Vishnu. Once unleashed ,the pasupathastra journeyed around the world and started to threaten the very existence of it , both gods were failed to direct the weapon. Then a pillar of fire appeared between them. It seemed to be stretching endless without a start or end. It’s been decided between the two who ever find out the end of it will be the supreme. Thus lord Brahma travelled to the top in the form of a swan and Lord Vishnu to the bottom in the form of a boar. Eons passed by but both of them failed to find the end of it . On the way to the top Lord brahma got a Kaitaki flower which was falling from the top . With this flower as a proof Brahma lied to Lord Vishnu that he found the end of the pillar. Lord Vishnu agreed the supremacy of Lord Brahma. At this stage Lord Shiva appeared out of the Jyothirlinga, he immobilized pasupathastra. He cursed Lord Brahma for lying and made Lord Vishnu the supreme. It was a day on the Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi of Hindu calendar month Maagha as per Amavasya-ant month calculation. It is proclaimed that that auspicious day should be celebrated as Maha shivarathri by lord Shiva.

The age of God Shiva

The age of Lord Shiva----------------------------------------------The age of Lord Shiva It says thousand Chathuryuga (4 yuga) is the one day of Lord Brahma. During the age of brahma at about 14 Indras will come and occupy the title of King of heaven and then decline . This type of two ages of brahma is equivalent to Lord Vishnu's age. At the end of that age Lord Vishnu will also perish. It says lord Shiva’s age is four times that of Lord Maha Vishnu according to Devi Bhagavatha fiifth skanda. Worshipping of Lord Shiva In Bhartha, there are many Shaivites. They follow varied forms of worships but all are basically linked to one another. Traditionally it can be divided in to two as that the ones follow the Vedic ways of worship and others who don’t. We could see a wide spread rituals that follow the sattvic way (sattva is one of the three gunas , means “of pure “,” positive” etc). Parasu Padam way of puja is an age old one. Once they have followed the Vedic ways but later they discarded it. The shiva lingam found in Gudamilla is said to be of dated back to 200 BC, from this we can conclude the antiquity of the Shiva Ling worship.


Sreekara, the Shepherd Boy(LORD KRISHNAS BIRTH STORY)Chandrasena the king of Ujjain was a virtuous king , he ruled his kingdom with blessings of God Shiva , has done the Digvijaya  (victorious over everyone)  ,   conducted many yagas and did many austerities .ManiBhadra ,a deva Parshada, ( An assistant of God Shiva ) having been pleased with the deeds of the king gifted him a rare diamond.The diamond was powerful enough to bestow its holder with anything that he wishes. The king Chandrasena who wore the diamond looked like a deva (celestial beings) in every aspect. This aroused displeasure among other kings. The jealous kings approached him and demanded the diamond but in vain.This angered the kings and they proclaimed a war against Ujjain. Soon the kingdom was full of enemies. The capital was surrounded by the rivals. This situation does not cause any fear in Chandrasena he as usual reached the MahaKala temple and started worshiping God Shiva. There he happened to see a young shepherd boy merely an age of five. The story of that child made him wonder- stricken.His mother raised him with extreme care and love. She used to take him to the Mahakala temple. Once when she was tried after all the household works called the boy to have food and he could not find him in the vicinity, this enraged her. After a while she found him playing with the stone. At the fit of the anger she threw the stone and slapped him. Actually the poor boy was worshiping the stone with the water and the leaves just like the Shiva Linga, he saw in the Shiva temple, he was so engrossed in the worship that he failed to hear the call of his mother. At that night he slept by crying and chanting the name of God Shiva. When he opened his eyes in the morning he saw his house has been transformed in to a majestic palace and his stone Shiva Linga has turned to a golden Shiva Linga.  At once he prostrated before the deity and pleaded to forgive his mother.Then he looked at his mother.  Without knowing all these happenings she was having a peaceful sleep at the midst of luxury and was decked with ornaments. The child awakened the mother and told her what happened. The mother was extremely happy up on hearing this and she hugged and kissed the boy.Hearing this incredible story of the boy, king Chandrasena was in a blissful state and at once decided to visit the boys’ home with his ministers.  By hearing this wonderful incident that happened in the country the other kings came to fought with Chandrasena forgetting the rivalry went to the Shiva temple and paid homages. They have given their kingdoms and wealth to that shepherd boy and made him king of Shepherds. At this time Lord Hanuman appeared before them and announced that “Be this boy’s devotion and love an example for you. In his clan, at the 8th    lineage Lord MahaVishnu will incarnate as a shepherd boy. Thus this boy, named Sreekara, will always be virtuous”. Thus Sreekara and the King Chandrasena lived long by worshiping God Shiva, and attained Shiva Loka.