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KOOVALAM or കൂവളം(Malayalam) Bilva or வில்வம் (Tamil). is a species of tree native to India. Some people call the tree Sribiksha, the tree of prosperity, as it is believed that the tree arose from the dung of a sacred cow representing Lakshmi.

The tri-foliate leaves of Bilva Patra signify many things like the three human qualities- Satva, Rajas and Tamas; the three eyes, Sun, Moon and Fire; and the Trishul of Lord Shiva. It is believed that Bilva Archana relieves a devotee from the effects of sins committed in three birth(Janmas.)

The fruit of Bilva tree and its leaves have several medicinal properties. The Tamil Siddhars call the plant koovilam (കൂവളം) and use the fragrant leaves for medicinal purposes, including dyspepsia and sinusitis.

Importance of Chanting The Bilwa Asthakam stotram:

Bilwa Ashtakam, also spelled Bilwashtakam, Vilvashtakam, or Bilvashtakam, is the asthakam (ashtak) addressed to Lord Shiva. Bilwa Ashtakam is a highly powerful Sanskrit Shiva stotra which are the eight hymns chanted while offering Bilwa (Vilva) leaves to Lord Shiva. The Bilwa (Aegle Marmelos) leaves are one of the main offering to Lord Shiv and by offering Bilva leaves (a devotee can easily please Lord Shiva.

I am Praising Your Holy Name..
Om Namah Shivaya
Thank you Sweet  "Bhole(Innocent ) Nadh"



Tridalam Trigunakaaram Trinethram Cha Triyayusham,
Trijanma Papa Samharam Eka Bilwam Shivarpanam 1

I offer one leaf of Bilwa to Lord Shiva,
Which has three leaves,
Which causes three qualities,
Which are like the three eyes of Shiva,
Which is like the triad of weapons,
And which destroys sins of three births.

Trishakhai Bilwapathraischa Hyachidrai Komalai Shubai,
Shiva Poojam Karishyami, Eka Bilwam Shivarpanam 2

I offer one leaf of Bilwa to Lord Shiva,
Which has three shoots,
Which do not have holes,
Which are good and pretty,
And worship Lord Shiva.

Aganda Bilwa Pathrena Poojithe Nandikeshware,
Shudhyanthi Sarva Papebhyo, Eka Bilwam Shivarpanam 3

I offer one leaf of Bilwa to Lord Shiva,
For if an uncut leaf is offered,
To his steed the god Nandi,
We get cleaned of all our sins.

Salagrama Shilamekaam Vipranam Jatha Cha Arpayeth,
Soma Yagna Maha Punyam, Eka Bilwam Shivarpanam 4

I offer one leaf of Bilwa to Lord Shiva,
For it is equal to, offering a saligrama to a Brahmin,
Or the great blessing got out of performing Soma Yaga,

Dandi Koti Sahasrani Vajapeya Sathani Cha,
Koti Kanya Maha Danam, Eka Bilwam Shivarpanam 5

I offer one leaf of Bilwa to Lord Shiva,
For it is equal to gifting thousand elephants,
Or the performing of hundred fire sacrifices,
Or giving away billions of girls.

Lakshmyasthanutha Uthpannam Mahadevasya Cha Priyam,
Bilwa Vruksham Prayachami, Eka Bilwam Shivarpanam 6

I offer one leaf of Bilwa to Lord Shiva,
For it is equal to giving a tree of Bilwa,
Which was born from the breast of Lakshmi,
And which is very dear to the Lord Shiva.

Darshanam Bilwa Vrukshasya, Sparsanam Papa Nasanam,
Aghora Papa Samharam, Eka Bilwam Shivarpanam 7

I offer one leaf of Bilwa to Lord Shiva,
As seeing and touching of a tree of Bilwa,
Washes away ones sins and also very great sins.

Kasi Kshethra Nivasam Cha Kala Bhairava Darshanam,
Prayaga Madhavam Drushtwa, Eka Bilwam Shivarpanam 8

I offer one leaf of Bilwa to Lord Shiva,
After living in the city of Kasi,
Seeing the Kala Bhairawa,
And also visiting the temple
Of Madhawa in Allahabad.

Moolatho Brahma Roopaya, Madhyatho Vishnu Roopine
Agratha Shiva Roopaya, Eka Bilwam Shivarpanam 9

I offer one leaf of Bilwa to Lord Shiva,
As Brahma resides at its bottom,
Lord Vishnu lives in its middle,
And Lord Shiva lives in its tip.

Bilwashtakam Idham Punyaam, Padeth Shiva Sannidhou,
Sarva Papa Nirmuktha Shiva Loka Maapnuyath 10

Reading this holy octet of Bilwa,
In the presence of Lord Shiva,
Would save one from all sins,
And in the end take him to the world of Shiva.

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Crystal Shiva Lingam Found Hidden Inside Jar In Ancient Hindu Temple In Indonesia

Among those temples is one called Sukuh, also known as Candi Sukuh.
It was one of the last temples constructed in Indonesia before the country came under the influence of Islam. The temple is significant because of its association with Lord Shiva, Mahabharata and the architecture which resembles that of a Mayan temple.

The reliefs at Sukuh depict Bhima, Arjuna and Lord Ganesha besides numerous motifs related to Shiva worship.

Though partially destroyed during the medieval Islamic period of Indonesia, Candi Sukuh continues to be a prominent treasure trove of artefacts dating back to the Hindu times of the island nation. In recent years, many of those artefacts have been removed from the site and shifted to the National Museum of Indonesia. Prominent among those is a 1.82 meter Shiva Lingam.

The Indonesian government recently launched a restoration exercise of the temple. It was during this drive that some amazingly new artefacts were discovered.

The artefacts include an exquisitely beautiful crystal Shiva lingam hidden inside an ancient pot.

The lingam is encased in a bronze cup. To the surprise of the archaeologists, the cup had water in it.

“It’s fascinating that the water stored in the bronze was not dry, although it has been stored for many centuries,” said Deny Wahju Hidajat, Head of the Candi Sukuh Restoration Unit.  
The pot in which the lingam was found is one of the many jars carefully hidden beneath a monument inside the temple premises.

According to the archaeologists the artefacts date back to the 15th century – a period when Islam was rapidly (and violently) spreading in Java possibly explaining why the pots were hidden.

The water in the bronze cup could be perplexing to the scientific mind but to the locals it is elixir, or Amrit. In fact, a story of the Amrit from the Adi Parwa of the Mahabharata can be found inscribed on one of the walls of Candi Sukuh.  
Among other artefacts are jewellery such as bangles. Deny says that the discovery is “one of the biggest from Central Java.”  
The ancient jars and their contents are currently being stored in the Archaeological Heritage Preservation Hall of Central Java, Prambanan, Klaten.


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Gandeshwar Shiva - Shiva 2000 years old was found in excavations - comes the aroma of basil

Gandheswar Shivling, Chhattisgarh: History in english-

Gandeshwar Shiva - Shiva 2000 years old was found in excavations - comes the aroma of basil

 Chhattisgarh during excavations in Sirpur Jyotirlings XII got the masculine lingam made ​​of stone. According to archaeological experts, the lingam is two thousand years old and state is found in the most ancient and huge Shivalinga. The Shivling 'Shivling Gandeshwar named because of the Shivling is the smell of basil. This Varanasi Kashi Vishwanath Shiva lingam as sleek and Ujjain Mahakaleshwar. Shiva Vishnu in the formula (sacred thread) and are innumerable Shiva stripes. Also here in the first century temple built by kings Srbpuria evidence is found.
Gandheswar Shivling, Chhattisgarh, Story & History in Hindi
Site found in Numbers 15: -
Site number 15 among the remains found during the excavation of the temple with a diameter of 2.5 feet to 4 feet tall lingam has found. Twelfth century earthquake and subsequent flooding in the Mahanadi Citrotpla entire temple complex had collapsed. Earthquakes and floods Gandeshwar temple was damaged completely. Shivling made of white stones on here escaped unscathed. During the year several ongoing excavations have moved on by now, but the first time such a large number of small Shiva Lingam is turned.
Gandheswar Shivling, Chhattisgarh, Itihas
The oldest meet: -
Archaeological Advisor Arun Kumar Sharma said British archaeologist Badlr memoir written in 1862 by highlighting the huge Temple. Lakshmana temple complex located in the south of the state under a mound probably the biggest and ancient Shiva temple is yet to be excavated.
Gandheswar Shivling, Chhattisgarh, Information in Hindi
There was a time, calculated: -
According to experts of archeology earthquakes and floods had caused extensive damage in the 12th century town of Sirpur. Over time, layers of sand and mud of the river were moved to suppress the city. Several meters of dunes were dug out of the city structure. Unearthed coins, statues, copper, pottery, inscriptions had been calculated on the basis of that period. As the depth of excavation at the site grows, are evidence of ancient times. Lingam found in the ground at the depth based on what has been considered the two thousand years old.

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Iravatham the vehicle of Indra was waiting for him. Eagle can catch a snake  . But if the snake is in the neck of Lord Shiva. Can eagle then approach the snake? Just like that, even if there are many elephants, Since Iravatham was white in colour it had self conceit.(Karvam in tamil). Such self conceit people will one day get a severe blow. A similar predicament came for the Iravatham.When Indran came to celestials world. It carried him on its back . There was a maharishi Durvasar in Indralokam. For him discipline is more important. If some one speak to him inadvertently or wrongly he will get annoyed and will become furious. The elephant got into a similar situation. That day Durvasar worshipped Lord Shiva with flowers. Lord Shiva became happy with his Bhakthi and dropped a lotus from his hip. Durvasar took that lotus flower and put it into his Kamandalam(water jug used by ascetics). Celestials invited and took him with lot of fanfare. In spite of severe hardships that he suffered, his indifference towards others did not go away. Further he had that arrogant feeling of having won over Vruththaswaran. Maharishi Dursvasar who came in front of him, gave him the Lotus flower from the Kamandalam wishing him a long life. While accepting the Prasad one should show humility and accept the same with utmost humility.              Indran without any humility, received the same withan indifference attitude and   kept it on the forehead of the elephant. The elephant took it with its trunk(Thumbikkai in Tamil) put it beneath its leg and crushed it with its legs. Durvasar became furious and looked at him with anger. It looked as if fire of anger was emitting from his eyes. When he roared “ Devendra” in full throat with anger the entire area was shaken, and reverberated with that sound. Indra started shivering with fear. As expected by him Durvasar cursed him. “Indra? If you had accepted the Prasad of the lord Kadambavanam i.e., Lord Shiva the situation would have been different. But you gave it to this elephant. It put it beneath its legs and crushed. The celestial you are will get defeated in the hands of a Pandian King in the earth. His weapon Disc, will remove your head from your body. Both Devendran and the other celestials got frightened.  Indran got down from the elephant and prayed to Durvasar. “maharishi?  Please pardon my guilt. Should I go to Earth once again, as I have suffered a lot by remaining in the earth already for innumerable number of years because of Brahmahathi thosam. And that too as per your curse should I get defeated in the hands of a human being.  Will there be any other and more severe punishment for me than this? O/ Maharishi you have excelled in the penance(tapas). Please pardon me. All the other celestials fell on the ground prostrating Maharishi with their heads wearing crown touching the ground.           Durvasar had a change of mind. Where there is anger there will be goodness also there. He said to Indra “ Indra. I can not take back the given curse once given and is not possible also. Yet when the Disc(Chakrayutham in tamil) comes towards to you take away your head, it will take away and remove the crown that you are wearing on your head. What has come for the head will go away with head gear.(Thalaikku vanthathu thalai paagaiyodu pogum in Tamil)”.Then he saw the elephant Iravatham and said to it”Let your life be an example for others as a lesson that that those who are in service should behave humbly and should misuse the position and power. The white colour of your body will go away. You, the elephant oc celestial world will go back to earth, move with other elephants there and remain in the earth one hindred years. After that you will return back to Indralokam. The white elephant wept with tears rolling down from its eyes. Then it came down to the earth and wandered here and there in various places. At last after the passing of one hundred years, it entered into the Kadambavanam(forest full of kadamba trees). That is Madurai created by Indran. I t tok the water from the Lotus tank (portamarai) and performed abhishekam to Lord Chockalingam there. It plucked the golden lotus from the tank and did puja with it. Having felt mercy on the elephant Lord Chokkanathar appeared before it and said: “Iravatham the discourtesy you showed on Shiva has gone now because of the abishegam and puja that you did to Lord Chockalingam. You can now return back to Indralokam back now.”  The elephant in turn replied “O” Lord   I have lost myself  in the beauty of this forest. Further I have no mind to go away from you. Let me stay in this forest itself. You should accept one among the elephants that you are going to have to support the temple tower of yours “But Lord Shiva told the elephant that “your carrying Indran is equivalent to that of carrying me.. So return back to Indra lokam itself.And he gave back to it its original form{size and white colour}. But the elephant did not have mind norwish to go back. So it went to another part of Kadambavanam and stayed there itself by doing pujas for a Lingam there. That place where it stayed is called by the name Iravatha nallur. Then Indran having come to know of his elephant, came to invite it. He told Lord Shiva to fullfil the request of the elephant  Let the tower built by him be known by his name as Indra Vimanam and just Iravatham is carrying him  let the tower be seen as if  supported and carried by Iravatham in eight forms . Even today one can see the appearance of the temple tower being carried by eight elephants.

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The history of Kannappa Nayanar

The history of Kannappa NayanarThe great scholars including thirunyAna champandhar, thirunAvukkarachar, sundharar, mANikka vAchakar, Adi shankarar, nakkIrar and a list which is too long to put, praise one hunter who never learnt any holy scriptures and whose discipline was just to kill - hunt, who became an excellent example of devotion. Simple but unparallaled was his love. It may be difficult even for great scholars to put in words that love which even when one tries to visualise takes them to the peaks of the mountains of devotion. But still one loves to tell his story, hence is this effort.The land green with the forests and hills having the best that mother nature offers was the kingdom called pothappi nAdu . In that kingdom was the village called uduppUr , surrounded by beautiful rainfalls. The rocks of that hilltown were smelling with the rotton smell from the bodies of the dead animals put for drying along with the anchored nets used for hunting. Along with the noise of "Kill it ! stone it! stab them !" that the hunting folks generate, one can hear the pleasant sound of dancing deers and jumping waterfalls. Along with the cow-herds that those hunters robbed from others one can see the herds of elephant that challange the roaring of the thunder. For those hunters who never gave place for fear or mercy in their hearts, a courageous supremo by name nAgan was there. His discipline was crime ; hobby was to kill ; profession to hunt ; valorous in the archery ; well suited for the job he got from his ancestors, but should have done some excellant penance in his previous births for getting assocoiated with a man of marvellous love . His wife, who too came in the family of powerful archers, always seen with the nails of tigers and skin of snakes as ornaments, was called thaththai . They didn't have a child for a long time. Everybody else washed off their hands saying there is no chance of getting an offspring for them. When everything else fails man thinks of God. His existance is reminded to him then only. Even an athist may believe in God when there is no other go. Out of the desire for a kid nAgan prayed the son of the God who dances in the cemetries - Lord muruga , the form of His grace. Out of the grace of that six faced Lord muruga, thaththai conceived the kid who is always referred with great respect by the devotees. When the child was born, with the tears of joy flooding away the rain that poured, nAgan took his son like a huge mountain holding up a dark cloud. He celebrated the occasion with thanks giving sacrifices of animals to Lord muruga, and the entire town was full of joy. That marvelous kid was so powerful that even his father felt him heavy to hold up. So he named the kid thiNNan ( meaning "strong"), amid the roar of the hunting folks.  He grew with the array of ornaments made out of animal bodies decorating his young and strong chest and waist, playing by catching the wildpigs, snakes and wilddogs, with the parents immersed in the sweet of his evolving speech. When he grew up to the age of learning archery, his father found an auspicious day for his first course in archery and made a big announcement through his hunters in all the directions. The hunters from many areas came along with the gems, leather, ivory, honey, favorite flesh varities, fruits and roots to offer to their young boss. With the festivities and sacrifices going on thiNNanAr took the bow that brought the meat food for the Almighty who feeds this entire universe. nAgan arranged for a heavy feast of, of course, meat. On the seventh day of the festival when the Sun was shining in the middle of the sky, the lion of that forest was given the bow and arrow. He learnt that art, which was his profession too, beyond doubts and inefficiency. Like the cresent that grows he reached his sixteenth age.By then nAgan grew old and found it difficult to take up the tremendous task of leading the hunting. With the herds of elephants, deers and tigers increasing the hunters came to their king and told him that they were delaying the hunting that was due for the month. He told them that as he has become old he will send his son with them. They had the feeling of happiness mixed with sorrow and told him that they were missing a nice leader like him but were happy to be working under a mighty young man - his son. nAgan called the lady who tells the astrolgical important information (called dhEvarAtti ) to propitiate the forest deities as thiNNanAr was to go for his first hunt. Then he went to thiNNanAr to tell him that as he became too old to go for hunting he should take over that position to lead the hunters providing them with prosperity.He started with the fellow hunters in the morning when even Sun hadn't come up to see the day, with the bow and arrows and valour like that of arjuna . With the sound of the chord in his bow tremouring the animals in all the directions they penetrated into the deep forest with different dreadful arms. With the spies saying the clue on the haunts of the wild animals the hunters rounded up that area to block their escape, and thiNNanAr along with some of his valourous men went deep into the forest. The hunters made heaps of wild animals killed. There came a wild pig, which broke the nets and pits of the hunters with the vengence and leaped away like an arrow escaping the piercing arrows of the hunters. Only threee people were able to chase it to the end, they were thiNNanAr and nANan and kAdan , who followed him like his shadow. That pig still escaped their missiles and went far far away from their hunting place to the bottom of the hill of the God, who was dipped there in the worship of three creatures - a spider, a snake and an elephant - that was the sri kALahasti hill. The pig stopped under a tree. The king of the forest thiNNanAr leaped forward, killed it with the dagger he had. They three realised that they had come too far away from their men. thiNNanAr asked kAdan to cook that pagger he had. They three realised that they had come too far away from their men. thiNNanAr asked kAdan to cook that pig to subdue their hunger while nANan told there is a river called ponmukali on the other side of the forest and hill. nANan and thiNNanAr set out to bring water. As they crossed through the forest thiNNanAr saw the hill of the Lord on the Bull. Kindled by an unexplainable emotion he went towards the hill. nANan told thiNNanAr that on the top of the hill will be the abode of kudumiththEvar (Lord shiva), they can go an' pray there. thiNNanAr put his first step towards the Lord who gives Himself for love.     The culmination of the austerities he did in the previous births came to thiNNanAr as surplus of interest on shiva. He proceded with the exponential growth in the affection towards the Lord, unaffected ever. His pure love and n^ANan lead him over the hill. Even before he could see the Stealer of heart, He stole away his source of birth, the relation to his profession and birth.He saw Him; He drank through his eyes that wonderful sight; It flowed over his heart; He lost all the controls over him; He fled to the Lord over that flow of love, embraced Him, kissed Him. The happiness manifested through every pinch of his body. It fell as falls from his eyes. Felt very anxious, "Oh my Lord ! In this dense forest with a whole of wild animals moving around there is nobody to guard you here !! Oh ! You are alone ! bad ! bad!!". Not able even to realise his bow falling down that man of unmeasurable love asked n^ANan, "Who would have done this offering to the Lord with the green leaves and flowers ?". n^ANan said, "Once when I came with your father for hunting, we saw a priest bathing Him and ornating with flowers. I think he should have done that today too ". thiNNanAr understood the worship that that God of kALahasti likes, to be this. He worried, "Oh ! my Lord is alone ! There is nobody to feed him with meat and flesh ! How can I leave Him alone ? What can I do ? I must get him good flesh to eat !!".He will start to get some meat, but will rush back to Him. Again will go, but run back to Him again. Like the cow that doesn't leave the calf away, he stood in front of Him unable to take his sight away. He would say, "My Lord ! I will get you the best meat to eat", but immediately will worry, "How can I go when you are alone here ? But I am not able to stand here too when you are hungry." Finally consoled himself and went with determination to bring the required things for the Lord who requires actually nothing. With all the lust for other things burnt and only the love for the Lord who burnt the lust remaining, he went into the blooming garden on the bank of the river ponmukali. kAdan came to them then to tell that the pig is roasted and ready, they all can have their food. n^ANan conveyed him that thiNNanAr after seeing the Lord was no longer feeling as the leader of the hunters but rather feels as the slave of that Lord. kAdan was shocked to hear this. thiNNanAr without bothering about anything else, took the best portions of the pig's body in an arrow, cooked it well, tasted them by having them in his mouth to pick out the best ones and collected such tasted flesh in a bowl of leaf.His companions decided, "He has gone crazy ! After tasting the best flesh portions he took it out ! He is heavily hungry for sure, but doesn't speak even. He doesn't give them to us also ! We will bring n^Agan (his father), and others to find out what to do" and left the place. Unperturbed, he took the flesh in his hands, water from the river in his mouth to anoint the Lord, beautiful wild flowers inserted in his hair to offer to the Lord. He rushed to the top thinking that the Lord will be too hungry by then. On the head of that Lord who appeared on His own, he removed the flowers with his footwear, bathed Him with the holy water he had in his mouth ! He ornated the Lord with the flowers he had in his head, saluted Him, and offered the taste tested food he had brought for the God. He was not satisfied. He wanted to bring a lot more for the Lord to eat. Worshipping this great unimaginable devotion with folded hands Sun went down that day. That fearless man feared that some animals may come and hurt kALahsti Lord in the night. So he stood alert right next to Him with his bow and arrow. Let his name be remembered always who stood as the guard to the God who guards the whole universe all the times. He left from there prostrating the Lord the next morning when the Sun was just to rise to hunt the food for Him .As he left for hunting, there came the sage by name shivakOchariyAr , who worship that Healing Herb on the hill in the way that is said in holy scriptures. He was shocked at the sight of strewn bones and flesh in front of the Lord. He screamed, "it should be the act of those dreadful hunters", he concluded. He cleaned the altar carefully, took bath in the river and came back fast. As the unholy materials entered there he consecrated His abode continued his pUja performing the anointing, flower worship, light worship and chanting of His fame. After prostrating many times that peerless param he returned back to his hermit.Our adorable hunter till the Sun comes up in the sky kept hunting for deers, wild pigs and other animals. After that he cooked the hunted flesh in the fire he created with the wood from the forest. To provide the maximum tasty food to the Lord he tasted the cooked meat to select the exotic pieces. Like the ghee that is given to the tongues of flame in the sacrificial rites that reaches the dEvAs, the food he tasted was enjoyed much by the Lord. The hunter poured honey to the food he selected, to make it more tasty. He took the materials for worship like the previous day, went with the wealth of great love, worshipped the Wonder who never incarnates, as he did the previous day removing the flowers offered in the sage's worship, fed the Lord with the deer flesh. He forgot sleeping in the night, guarding Him was his prime concern ! Goes for hunting during the day time to feed Him !! When he goes for hunting the sage comes for worship, who is wounded by the presence of unholy things in the altar, removes them, consecrates and performs the prayer. This continued for many days. Meanwhile n^ANan and kAdan brought his father and others, but none of their efforts were fruitful to get back thiNNanAr. When one is in deep love for the luminous feet of the Lustless God, what force in the world can seperate them ? Isn't it brave to go for bliss instead of spiky happiness and miseries ?While our n^AyanAr worshiped the Lord of gods in the way he knew, the sage shivakOchariyAr was so desperate to find a solution to this probelm. He prayed to the Lord to show and remove the person who had been doing the misdeed. To explain the true love of n^AyanAr, the Nameless praised by thousands of sacrad names appeared in the dream of the sage and told him, "Don't think that he is a miscreant. His form is full of my love, his mind minds me only and his deeds are the delightful for me. The water he spits on me is more sacrad than ga.nga , the flowers he offers taking from his head are holier than that are offered by dEvAs. It is all because of His love. You can see the excellence of his devotion tomorrow, if you hide and see". With the feelings of fear mixed wonder the sage was awake for the rest of the night, as the Sun rose in the east he bathed in ponmukali worshipped the Lord kAlahasti Ishwarar , and hid behind.On that seventh day morning of his worship of the Lord, as usual thiNNanAr brought the unusual materials of worship with unprecedented love. The n^AyanAr who was rushing feeling that he had been already late, saw some bad signs on the way. He ran even faster fearing what happened to his fruit like God. To show shivakOchariyAr the affection of n^AyanAr, the Lord was having one eye bleeding out of His three. With the bow and food falling apart, stricken in gloom, petrified in the shock thiNNanAr saw that bleeding. Tensed he ran to Him, tried to stop the bleeding, but it didn't. He fiercefully started to find out which miscreant did this sin. He couldn't trace anybody or any animals throughout that area. He came with a broken heart, cried holding His feet. He set out to search and bring the herbs to heal the wound of that Healer. He went as a wind to wrap the entire forest and squeezed the saps of the medicines. No effect ! If it was a real wound it should have got cured, but the Consealer conscieved something to be shown !When he was worrying about his inability to find any solution, he remembered an old saying "flesh for flesh". He immediately pluck one of his eye with the sharp arrow to paste it on His. He jumped from the ground to the sky, appreciated himself for the brave deed when it stopped the bleeding from His eyes. Is he trying to define an upper limit for devotion ? While the rich and the R^ishis come to Him asking for something, how is this person able to pluck his eye in a moment and give it to the Lord and dance ? He might have come in the tradition of killing animals, but by his deeds he is far far above the sacrad people in the heaven. But the Lovely Lord desired to show the limitlessness of devotion. As the bleeding stopped in His right eye, it started from His left. After being in the shock for a moment n^AyanAr told to himself, "Now I know the medicine. I have one more eye. That should cure this" (!!). But when he was about to pluck the eyes he realised the difficulty of placing the eye in position once he took off the other eye too. So he held his hard but hailable foot on His eye as a mark, and raised the arrow to take his other eye off. No words are sufficient to explain this. If it is said "He is sysnonymous with bhakti ", who knows whether that is sufficient ? The Lord Himself was not able to bear this great action, not just appeared, but came holding his hands to stop from plucking the other eye, shouting, "Oh halt kaNNappa!, Halt kaNNappa!!, halt kaNNappa!!!". The sage of great wisdom saw the great love of the devotee and the grace he got for that. The Lord accepted the flesh as a fruit only due to the presence of such a sacrificial love. Can there be anything more covettable, after the Omniscient blessing him immediately, "Oh ! Uncomparable ! Stay to my right.". Let the devotion that is kaNNappa n^AyanAr stay in the mind.See Also:1. Mention of kaNNappanAyanAr in various thEvaram thirumuRais

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The celestial serpent Vasuki is the second child among the Nagas born to Kadru and Kashypa PrajaPati. He beautifies the neck of Lord Shiva by coiling around it. Mahadev uses serpents as his adornments. The hoops of Lord Shiva are nagas named Penaman and Kundalan. The armlets of the lord are decorated by serpents Ashwara and Takshaka. Wearing Nagas as the ornaments implies that Mahadev’s devotees would not die of snake bite and they don’t have to undergo the prolonged stays in hospitals with diseases. The two coiled serpent seen on scepter of the caduceus the medical symbol indicates the two nerves “Ida “and “Pingala”. That serpent is Vasuki. The blood of asura named Prithamali is the poison of him, known also by the name “KalaKoodam”. This name can be interprets as the “Things that burns Kala ( god of death /time )”. The five great venoms are Kalakooda, Sringi, Mustakam, Vatsanabham and SangaKarni, out of which KalaKoodam is the most poisonous. The venom Kalakoodam in Sanskrit knows as HalaHal. During the Churning of ocean of milk using vasuki as the rope, the great serpent vomited the vicious poison Halahala, to save the world from imminent devastation gods prayed to MahaDeva. Lord Shiva drank poison to protect the world. The Madura temple known as the halasa temple is dedicated to this form of Mahadeva who consumed poison to rescue the world. This lord whose greatness is praised through 64 plays in a scared book known by the name Halasya Mahatmayam. Once there was a competition between Vasuki and the lord of wind regarding who is the strongest out of two. The challenge was, in order to prove his strength Wind god should crack off a peak of Mount Meru. Vasuki coiled around the peak as a rope and forced it strongly against the earth .The competition was a very tough one. Wind blow as hard and fierce it could but mountain was immobile. This lasted for a prolonged time and none was victorious but none of them want to withdraw from the competition. Then wind subdued as if it left it for a while to take rest. Vasuki tilted his head a bit to check if the Wind god actually left the place. At this moment wind raged powerfully and peak of Meru was chopped off. According to legend the cut off piece of Mount Meru that fell on the ocean later became Sree Lanka. The serpent spirit in the Lord Shiva temple is Vasuki. Hence while doing the ayiliyam pooja and sarpabali it should be conducted by reciting Vasuki mantra not by the Anantha mantra. Vasuki Dhyana “Om Phanshta sathasekharam drutha suvarna punja prabham Varaabharana bhooshanam tharuna jaalathamrasukam Svjravara lakshanam navasarojarakthaikshanam Namami shirasa surasuranamaskratham vasukeem” Meaning – Bow to whom having 108 hoods , having golden effulgence , who wore excellent ornaments , who is radiant , wore sparkling bronze colored silk material, symbolizes an exquisite diamond , who is bowed by the Deva &Asura alike .